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Jun 27
Niecy’s interview with
Posted by Niecy on June 27th, 2012 under The Scoop

Niecy and Cedric talk Black love on TV

‘The Soul Man’ stars, Niecy Nash and Cedric the Entertainer, aim to show real Black love on new show. Interview by Tracy Scott

Niecy Nash and Cedric the Entertainer star in one of the few new TV sitcoms featuring a majority Black cast, “The Soul Man.”

“There were quite a few shows some years ago. Then there was a void, and now with Tyler Perry and all the wonderful work they’re doing at BET — and now TV Land — we’re making a comeback, and I’m happy to be a part of it,” Niecy told S2S. She’s particularly excited about one aspect of Black life that will be portrayed on her series.

“You will see Black love on camera,” said Niecy, who has been married to Jay Tucker for a little more than a year. “I am happy to show Black love on television. A lot of what we see right now is so harsh, especially in the realm of reality shows. So, I’m happy that in my real life, I can give people a snapshot of it, and I’m happy that this wife I’m playing with Cedric…we really do try to portray a couple that loves each other, and I think that it’s good for our kids to see.”

While “The Soul Man” shows a loving marriage and strong family unit, Cedric recognizes that there’s room for all sorts of Black series on the TV landscape. Variety keeps the “Meet the Browns” viewers satisfied as well as the “Reed Between the Lines” fans.

“I’m very comfortable with the world that’s going on right now where there are more TV shows where there are predominantly African-American casts with different stories,” said Cedric. “These stories don’t have to necessarily agree with you and we can show that this exists and that exists.”

Few would argue that having more African-American stars on TV in any form is a problem. However, are shows like “Common Law” and “Person of Interest,” which star just one or two Black actors in the cast, a sign that series focusing on minority life are dying out? Not necessarily, according to Cedric.

“That works just as well,” Cedric said. “Those images are very important that show us as individuals. We’re not always the community. For us to have the opportunity as actors and actresses to play those kinds of roles, you have to applaud just the opportunity. So, I’m with it.”

Do Niecy and Cedric feel an obligation to represent churchgoers well? Find out in the September 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

Watch more of Niecy and Cedric’s interview below.

—Tracy L. Scott

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