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Apr 5
Leave it to Niecy
Posted by Niecy on April 5th, 2013 under Home Page Featured

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Apr 5
It’s Hard To Fight Naked
Posted by Niecy on April 5th, 2013 under It's Hard To Fight Naked


As most of you know, I am in love with LOVE!!!

I believe with my whole heart that love is the thing we were created for, yet its also the place where we struggle the most. With that said, I wrote a book with the hopes of encouraging & inspiring you to receive God’s best for you. I don’t claim to an “expert”, I’m just a woman who has been through it! I’ve been desperately single, an internet dater, married, divorced, and happily re-married. I want to share all of these crazy experiences with you! I am also providing REAL strategies on how to get and maintain the relationship you deserve.

You guys know I consider myself a bit of a matchmaker after I introduced Sherri Shepherd to Lamar Salley and a year later they were engaged! I love Sherri so much and just like I helped her find a husband, I want to help you! No matter what stage you find yourself in the relationship game, I have some valuable information that is necessary for the journey.

This book is fun, laugh out loud and has REAL take away. You will learn a lot about yourself, the opposite sex, how traditional myths have gotten us of track, and ultimately how hard it is to fight naked. If you start naked you might avoid a fight altogether!

It’s Hard To Fight Naked will be released on May 7th, or you can pre-order now on www.Amazon.com

I will keep you posted on the book tour, hopefully I will make to your town! I am also planning a book club contest. Check back for the rules and details.

Love you guys so much and appreciate your support! Our best in Love in yet to come

Miss Niecy


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