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Dec 5
Niecy Nash: The Strange Skill She Learned for Her New Show
Posted by Niecy on December 5th, 2013 under The Blog

By Ali Wentworth | Daily Shot – Thu, Dec 5, 2013 10:27 AM EST


Comedian Niecy Nash knew that her role on HBO’s “Getting On” would be far different from her role on “Reno 911,” but she didn’t know just how drastic the change would be. “HBO scrubbed us down to nothing,” Niecy says, as she was asked to take off her makeup, fake eyelashes, and beloved shapewear. “If you don’t recognize me, here’s a hint: I’m the black one.”

Niecy was also surprised when she found out that she had to go through a hospital boot camp to learn medical skills for the dark comedy, which follows doctors and nurses caring for aging patients. “Medical, elderly, hospice, all of these things prior to ever rolling tape,” she says of the training. “You need me to give you a checkup? Cuz I can.”

Before she achieved success as an actress, Niecy had a slew of failed jobs. “I worked at McDonald’s for one day and was fired,” she recalls. She also worked for an airline company and at a mall makeup counter, where she was brutally honest. One girl asked Niecy to make her look like Janet Jackson, to which the actress replied, “Take a picture of Janet and tape it to your forehead, honey — it’s makeup, not magic. Who’s next?”

To hear Niecy’s best relationship advice, check out this episode of “Daily Shot.”

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