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Jan 10
HBO: Interview with Niecy Nash
Posted by Niecy on January 10th, 2014 under The Blog

HBO How does DiDi feel about her co-workers after witnessing their antics during her nightshift?

NIECY NASH She thinks these people are crazy! This is the unraveling; before, she was trying to give everyone a fair shake and understood her role in the pecking order. But after everything happens, she just thinks, “These people are bananas, but this is my crowd. This is the hand I’ve been dealt.”

HBO Is that why she assures Dawn she’s not going anywhere?

NIECY NASH I think her situation is a lot like a marriage. Once you’re in it, there’s a feeling, “Let’s ride it out. It is what is.” I also think that DiDi probably feels like “woe to the patients” if she’s not there. Because somebody has to put them first, before wanting to date Patsy, before wanting to make a new Bristol Stool Chart. Somebody has to be the one to hold the patients’ hands, to brush their hair, to tell them it’s going to be okay.

HBO DiDi’s compassion really sets her apart from the rest of the staff.

NIECY NASH I love that about her. That’s the part of my personality that I bring to this character. That’s why I think we’re the same.

HBO Is that what made DiDi appeal to you more than Dawn?

NIECY NASH Actually, when I read the script, I looked past Dawn at the role that’s now DiDi because I kept seeing the look on her face. I thought it would be so interesting to tell a story just through a look on a character’s face. She has so many moments where she can convey so much without saying a word.

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