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Apr 5
It’s Hard To Fight Naked
Posted by Niecy on April 5th, 2013 under It's Hard To Fight Naked


As most of you know, I am in love with LOVE!!!

I believe with my whole heart that love is the thing we were created for, yet its also the place where we struggle the most. With that said, I wrote a book with the hopes of encouraging & inspiring you to receive God’s best for you. I don’t claim to an “expert”, I’m just a woman who has been through it! I’ve been desperately single, an internet dater, married, divorced, and happily re-married. I want to share all of these crazy experiences with you! I am also providing REAL strategies on how to get and maintain the relationship you deserve.

You guys know I consider myself a bit of a matchmaker after I introduced Sherri Shepherd to Lamar Salley and a year later they were engaged! I love Sherri so much and just like I helped her find a husband, I want to help you! No matter what stage you find yourself in the relationship game, I have some valuable information that is necessary for the journey.

This book is fun, laugh out loud and has REAL take away. You will learn a lot about yourself, the opposite sex, how traditional myths have gotten us of track, and ultimately how hard it is to fight naked. If you start naked you might avoid a fight altogether!

It’s Hard To Fight Naked will be released on May 7th, or you can pre-order now on

I will keep you posted on the book tour, hopefully I will make to your town! I am also planning a book club contest. Check back for the rules and details.

Love you guys so much and appreciate your support! Our best in Love in yet to come

Miss Niecy


Nov 2
30 Days To A Better Self
Posted by Niecy on November 2nd, 2012 under The Blog


As many of you know, I got married May 28, 2011. I have been enjoying my marriage!!! I enjoyed it so much that eating good and making love was the order of the day….everyday #dontjudgeme! Lol

At the same time I recognized my weight gain I also realized that there were a few folks I was allowing to bring negative energy in my space ( I don’t believe you lose friends and just think your real ones are revealed) So there were few things I wanted to shed- weight, people, and negative thoughts. I planned a 30 day journey to eat less, pray more and love harder! My goal was to pray, journal and workout, eat clean ( and make love) everyday because these are the things I wanted to become a habit, a consistent way of life.

With regards to the weight I decided to do something drastic and go hard in the paint. I called a trainer named Ellen Ector from Atlanta and signed up for a 30 day, 2 workouts a day program. I’ve tried many “lose weight by tomorrow” diets but this time I felt compelled to do things the right way: eat right and workout.

Day One

In times past, I would normally order some sort of meal delivery but not this time. I decided since cant live on a meal delivery forever that I would figure it out on my own. Of course this was challenging cause yall know I don’t like hanging out in the kitchen but here goes:

Sample Menu


Scramble w/ turkey bacon, peppers and a little low fat cheese
Oatmeal w/pecans ( from Jamba Juice)
Shake ( from


Salad w/Chicken Lowfat dressing
Shrimp & Cabbage


Shrimp & Brocolli
Salmon & Veggies
Baked Chicken & Veggies

( I also made a curry,veggie soup that I would eat between meals if I was still hungry)

David Allen Nutrition

My nutritionist at David Allen is named Dr. Drew. He was featured on one of my episodes of Lets Talk About Love:) He is amazing! There may be a variety of reasons you are having trouble w/ weight loss or you may need specific things nutritionally to meet your goals. Dr. Drew helped me to get ready for my wedding so it only made sense to go see him again. The shakes that he suggests really help curb your hunger and they are low in calories. Dr. Drew can even help you if you live in another state! One of my girlfriends went from a size 22 to a size 10 with him! Tell him Ms Niecy sent you:) ( Dr Drew at

My Workout

I normally train w/ Fitness Expert Scott Parker. He is awesome if you are looking for a trainer in Los Angeles, he is the one! ( Scott was traveling so I decided to call Ellen Ector, better known as Vitamin Ellen, to stand in the gap. She has amazing before and after photos on her site She really made working out fun! I’ve tried EVERYTHING w/her kickboxing, Zumba, Cycle, Pilates, Yoga, and resistance/weight training.

Me and Vitamin Ellen at the Santa Monica Stairs

You have to try things to see what you like and also to switch up your workout so it doesn’t get boring. Vitamin Ellen also taught me how to run. In one month I learned how to run a 5k in about 35 minutes! She always says ” get comfortable being uncomfortable” and I did! I’m very proud of myself and what I have been able to accomplish:)

I’ve lost 10 pounds and more importantly a million inches! Lol

Tears get you sympathy…..Sweat gets you results!

If I can do it, you can too! Please keep my updated about your journey to a #betterself
Miss Niecy

Jul 24
Leave it to Niecy
Posted by Niecy on July 24th, 2012 under The Blog

I want to thank those of you who supported my family’s TLC Docu-Sitcom “Leave it to Niecy” (For those of you who missed it you might still be able to catch it on demand).

Many people ask me if its hard doing a reality show with cameras on you all the time and the answer is HECK YEAH! When I was first asked to do a reality type show my answer was NO. I didn’t think it was right for me or for my family. I am a lover not a fighter and I really don’t like drama. So many women in reality TV that look like me are soo mean to each other and it is just not my style.

After several conversations the network promised me that I could be my funny self. So we decided to let the cameras roll. I am so happy that you all got to know my family a little better.  Unfortunately, the show wasn’t the rating success that the network had hoped for. I think that had there been some weave pullin and table turning we may have been still on the air. Nonetheless I can look at myself in the mirror and be at piece with what you got to experience with our family. We are not a perfect bunch but we are perfect for each other…… CRAZY, LOVING & FUN.

The primary goal was to let other blended families know that they were not alone. It’s not always easy but you CAN do it!

I’ll answer some lingering questions…..

Q: Did Dia get a weave yet??
A: Nope! She is still rockin braids.

Q: Does Donielle have a driver’s license yet?
A: She finally has her permit and is close to getting her license.

Q: Did my mom ever get a boyfriend?
A: She is dating but not the guy from the show.

And as far as the family bonding goes we are planning a vacations somewhere fun and sunny as Donielle stated “If you see a black person in the snow they must be lost”.

Much love,
Miss Niecy

Jul 24
The Soul Man
Posted by Niecy on July 24th, 2012 under The Blog

My newest project is called THE SOUL MAN starring Cedric the Entertainer. It’s the story of an R&B singer who gets a calling who leaves the stage to become a pastor at his father’s church in St. Louis. When I first heard about this project I was in shock because my ex-husband was also an R&B singer who left the stage because he got called to be a pastor. This is defiantly a case of “ art imitating life” !

We are having soo much fun filming this show. Our cast includes: Wesley Jonathan, Jazz Raycole and John Beasley. We had the opportunity to work with many great guest stars like: Anthony Anderson, Loretta Devine, Sherri Shepherd, Yvette Nicole Brown, Kim Coles, Cedric Yarbrough, Tamar & Trina Braxton and Cee Lo Green.

We were the second highest rated premiere in TV LAND history.  So thank you to everyone who tuned in to make it happen.

Tune in on Wednesday nights at 10PM, your continued support is appreciated.

Miss Niecy


Jul 24
1 Year Wedding Anniversary
Posted by Niecy on July 24th, 2012 under The Blog

Alright party people….. well we did it!!! We made it! WE survived & we decided to celebrate our 1 year Wedding Anniversary.

William P. Miller helped us throw the perfect anniversary party. Georgetown Cupcakes provided the sweet treats and DJ Dense was on the 1’s & 2’s. Shanice and Frenchie Davis were on hand to serenade us with our favorite love songs. We ate good and partied hard.

Celebrate your love every chance you get!!!

Miss Niecy

Monique Jackson, Brandy Norwood, Niecy Nash, Simone Smith, Kita Williams, Dina Spindle, Shaniece

Niecy & Jay on the dance floor

Niecy & Jay

Angela Bassett & Niecy Nash

Frenchie Davis


Mar 19
Thank You
Posted by Niecy on March 19th, 2012 under The Blog

To My Fans,

You are amazing. Ever since “Clean House” your support has been tremendous and I am truly grateful. Thank you for the well wishes and continuous love. Five million of you watched my wedding on TLC and you didn’t have to. Ten million of you have tuned in to “Let’s Talk About Love” on Yahoo! and you didn’t have to do that either. Again, I thank you!

It’s been awhile since my last blog. I’ve spent the past 3 months juggling life, family and many amazing projects that are on the way. It’s a new year with my new husband (Jay) and plenty new stories about LOVE.

As many of you know, I have a new reality show coming soon called, “Leave it to Niecy”. The premier episode airs Sunday, March 25 on TLC…GET INTO IT! In a nutshell, the show is a docu-sitcom featuring my family, the newly blended Nash-Tucker crew. “Leave it to Niecy” shows the inner workings of my family…babyyy, the mayhem, the foolishness and the high jinx!

You can also check me out in a new sitcom called “The Soul Man” which airs on TV Land, beginning June 13. On the show, I play the wife of an R&B singer turned minister. Can’t forget to mention, my TV husband is one of the original “King’s of Comedy” Cedric the Entertainer. With Ced and I on one show, you know it’s going to be funny, so TUNE IN!

Much love,
- Miss Niecy

Nov 3
Match Maker Party Details!
Posted by Niecy on November 3rd, 2011 under The Blog

As some of you may know, I am in love with LOVE! My last match maker party was where my good friend Sherri Shepherd found her husband, “Go Sherri, go Sherri”!

Now its your turn!

Ok, here are the details:

  • Interviews will be held November 18 in Los Angeles.
  • The party will be Saturday December 3rd, also in Los Angeles.
  • You will get a one on one with me and I will determine if you are “ready” to receive your good thing!
  • If you are not available on both days, please do not submit to attend.
  • There are only 12 spots available for both men and women at each party.
  • If you are not selected for this party, do not worry, there will be others!
  • I will be filming the interviews and the party. If you do not want to be on camera, please to not submit to attend.

My goal is to make love easier and to get you closer to getting down the isle! If you just want to hook up this is not not a party for you. If want you want is something substantial & significant then Let’s Talk About Love and find your soulmate!

Submit a short note about yourself along with a current photo to

The best in love is yet to come!!!!

Miss Niecy

Oct 10
Why Do Men Cheat?
Posted by Niecy on October 10th, 2011 under The Blog

On my new show Lets Talk About Love we are asking the question “why do men cheat“?

Cheating has been going on since the beginning of time! It’s as old as sex itself. There usually so much drama around the revelation- tears, yelling, restraining orders!  There are even songs dedicated to it, one of my favs- Jasmine Sullivan’s, Bust The Windows Out Your Car.

But the precursor to the unraveling is to ask “why”?

Check out my new video dedicated to the answer ( and let me know what you think….

Do not worry men, I know women cheat too! We will discuss this as well, I just started with the guys :)

Miss Niecy

Oct 4
Lets Talk About Love!
Posted by Niecy on October 4th, 2011 under The Blog

Hey Guys!

I know I’ve been away from from my blog for a while, but I’m in LOVE! I’ve been busy loving and being loved by my new husband but I’m back now, with a project that I love.

Every since I met my husband I’ve been on a mission to help the masses to not only find love, but to also find themselves in the process. I could talk about love and relationships all day long- some days I actually do! And after I played match maker for my good friend Sherri Shepherd and her new husband,  requests to do the same for others is keeping me very busy, happily busy!

I partnered with Yahoo to bring you “Let’s Talk About Love“! This online show will cover a different topic every week like, “Why Do Women Date Bad Boys”? or “Why Do Men Cheat”? and one of my favs, “Can You Be a GOOD Girl In BAD Times”?

To check out the show, visit:

I would love to address any issue, concern or thoughts you have on love and relationships so please write a comment here or leave me a message on Twitter ( @NiecyNash ) Make it good and you just might be a guest on my show!

Come on ya’ll, Lets Talk About Love!

Miss Niecy

P.S.  Stay Tuned for info on my Match Making Parties!

May 18
10 days until our wedding!
Posted by Niecy on May 18th, 2011 under The Blog

As any bride-to-be can attest, the weeks leading up to the wedding day are full of excitement and anticipation. For TV personality Niecy Nash, preparing for her May 28 nuptials has been a bit overwhelming, but nonetheless, she can’t wait to marry her fiance, Jay Tucker, she told “Life & Style Magazine.

“Last-minute decisions about the menu and what she will wear are still on Niecy’s to-do list. “Decisions, decisions!” Niecy told “Life & Style.” “Should I feed our guests chicken or fish? Should I wear a veil or should I not? I just don’t know!”

Although the planning has been hectic, Niecy knows that it will all be worth it when she marries her prince. “I want to be married to Jay more than anything,” said Niecy. “I want to be his wife — yesterday!”

Apr 21
Is there a DJ in the house?
Posted by Niecy on April 21st, 2011 under The Blog

Hey DJ!!!!!

Ok, planning a wedding is hard work! When does it become fun? At the reception!

I’m looking for an LA based DJ for my wedding reception. But not just ANY DJ, I need someone who understands ALL my foolishness! So, here goes:

  • I’m from the west coast and my fiancé is from the east coast so we need a music mix of the two.
  • Our wedding is also being televised so we need the clean versions of the songs played.
  • We want people to dance all night long!

It dose not matter if are a boy, a girl, man, woman, new to it or been through it! If you got what it takes to keep the party jumping then your my DJ!

Please send me a sample mix or a link to your work with contact and rate info to

Dec 9
Please Help The Bride!
Posted by Niecy on December 9th, 2010 under The Blog

Ok,  I know you are probably thinking I am well underway with my wedding plans, right? WRONG! I haven’t done anything except fall in love – which is not a bad thing, trust me! I only have 5 months to get it all together! I’m not going to freak out because…. I already freaked out! Now its time to move into a place of action and ask for help.

I’m getting married in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 28th. If you are an events planner, wedding coordinator, cake maker, wedding dress designer, photographer, video producer, DJ, or can provide any other wedding related services I might need – including being a bridesmaid fill in, LOL, Please send me your info :

I’m looking forward to meeting with my fans who not only have an expertise in the wedding arena but also those who are simply passionate about their gifts even if they’re just beginning – we all gotta start somewhere, right? The road to my wedding will be televised, so if you’re camera shy, you need not apply!

This  is such a special time for me. Love has been exceptional the second time around! Im not the girl who has had her wedding planned since 3yrs old….I’m a grown woman who found a good man later in life – a good man who has never been married. I had never been to a wedding when I got married in 91′, and it was a cornucopia of mayhem & foolishness, y’all gotta help me do this one right!

Wishing You All The Love I’m In,
Miss Niecy

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