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Jan 15
Niecy Nash on Mo’Nique’s Golden Globe Win
Posted by Niecy on January 15th, 2010 under The Blog, The Insider

Niecy Nash on Mo’Nique’s Golden Globe Win

Jan 15
Niecy Dishes About the Golden Globes
Posted by Niecy on January 15th, 2010 under The Insider, The Scoop

via The Insider

Nov 11
News from the Insider
Posted by Niecy on November 11th, 2009 under The Blog

I’m in New York filming The Insider. On the panel is Jon Gosselin of Jon and Kate plus 8 and Levi Johnston, father of Sarah Palin’s grandson- a party right? Well, what I know for sure is that we ALL have problems it’s just alot harder to manage when your in the public eye….speaking of going public, my mom and I share our family tragedy of domestic abuse and the death of my brother. It’s a two part interview that will air tonight and tomorrow. The goal is to help women find the strength to walk out before your carried out. Tragedy was the bridge that led me to comedy. It was truly a gift from God…and I love sharing it with all of you!

Insider picture

Oct 30
I’m back with Clean House!
Posted by Niecy on October 30th, 2009 under The Blog

Thank you guys for being patient! I am back with Clean House and my new episodes will be airing at 10pm on Wednesday nights. Did you get a chance to see the premiere episode? My mom brought her foolishness to MY house! There were some tears shed as I’m finding my voice as a single woman after my divorce. God has been kind and all is well!!!

I’m now traveling in search of The Messiest Home in the Country! Keep me in your prayers – America is filthy and I’m on a mission to make things better, one fantastic family at a time!!

Miss Niecy

Niecy Nash returns to Clean House

Oct 29
The Insider – My new job
Posted by Niecy on October 29th, 2009 under The Blog

Mama’s got a new job! I’m a regular on The Insider on CBS. I love this job!!! My appearance will be a little inconsistent since I’m traveling for Clean House but this Thursday Oct 29, Friday Oct 30 and Mon Nov 2 you can see me go on a series of “cougar dates” aaarrrggghhh! Can you stand it!!

Thank you all for supporting my personal mayhem and foolishness!!! It blesses me more than you know!

Niecy Nash on the Insider

Jul 2
On The Death of Michael Jackson
Posted by Niecy on July 2nd, 2009 under The Blog

The King of Pop is gone but not forgotten…..We all have our memories of MJ and the Jackson Five. I was screaming my head off at The Victory Tour! I also met MJ again two years ago when I hosted a Bday party for Rev. Jessie Jackson. He was adorable! Over the last 45 years, he sacrificed a normal life so give us music that will outlast our lives. It is awful that in the wake of his death that so many people are trying to tear down his legacy and tarnish his image. How many of us have done things that we wish our friends or family would never find out??? What if our obituary told our ENTIRE story? I pray for the Jackson family sake that the world allows MJ to rest in peace. After all, its the one thing we could give him, after all he’s given us….

On The Death of Michael Jackson

Jul 2
Messiest Home #3
Posted by Niecy on July 2nd, 2009 under The Blog

Well there you have it! I survived Messiest Home 3. Did yall see it? Did you feel my pain? There was definitely a tough row to hoe with this family! There were things that I didn’t get a chance to show you, honey we only had two hours. You didn’t get to see that I completely broke down in the basement. I was so grieved that anyone was living in such filth and squalor! There were many things said and done by the family that were rude and disrespectful. I got so angry, my staff was trying so hard to help deliver them from their foolishness and they seemed insatiable! This mother and daughter could not be satisfied.

My goal is always to help my families walk in truth of their circumstances, own the genesis of how they got there, and understand what it takes to move forward in victory! Sometimes it takes some longer to make the connection. I really hope it happens for this family. It didn’t while I was there, but better late than never!
Miss Niecy

Messiest Home #3

May 15
Clean House Is Nominated for 2 Daytime Emmys!
Posted by Niecy on May 15th, 2009 under The Blog, The Scoop

The Style Network’s hit home makeover series “CLEAN HOUSE” Hosted & Produced by Niecy Nash receives two Daytime Emmy Nominations for Outstanding Lifestyle Program and Outstanding Special Class Special for “Clean House: Messiest Home In the Country”

Watch New Episodes with Niecy Starting Wednesday, May 20th at 10 pm ET/PT

Six Cluttered Homes, One Epic Mess of “Mayhem & Foolishness!”

“Clean House: Search for the Messiest Home In the Country”
Tune-In to a National Television Event as Niecy and her Experts travel around the country to rescue families drowning in clutter…

Niecy and the crew on Clean House

May 12
The “Diva” of all yard sales!
Posted by Niecy on May 12th, 2009 under The Blog

Well it has finally happened! It’s time for the “Diva” of all yard sales! Instead of purchasing from one of my Clean House families, you can actually purchase from me and my family. There will be furniture, bikes, shoes, flowers, and my red-carpet dresses and gowns! Oh, there will also be plenty of mayhem and foolishness!

Please come out to meet, not only my Clean House experts, but my friends and family as well!

Saturday May 16,2009 from 10:00am- 2pm

Hope Christian Church
8460 Tampa Ave.
Northridge, Ca 91324

Hope To See You There!

Niecy in her office

Apr 17
Food For Thought
Posted by Niecy on April 17th, 2009 under The Blog

My father said something to me that is food for thought; the measure of a man is – are you living the life you want to live? “Wow”, I thought. This is a simple statement, yet very profound….and it’s true! Well…..are you?

Niecy Nash and her dad

Apr 10
Good Friends
Posted by Niecy on April 10th, 2009 under The Blog

I love my friends sooo much! My girls have been in my life since high school. We were students,cheerleaders, and on the debate team. Now we are wives, mothers and business women. Whether we are up or down, we have been through it all together. Today I am celebrating sisterhood! I am grateful to have women in my life who love me unconditionally, encourage me to do right, and challenge me when I’m wrong. If there are people in your life that fit this mold then let them know you appreciate the love and make sure you give what you get!!!!

Niecy and friend

Niecy and friend

Apr 6
New Season Of Reno 911!
Posted by Niecy on April 6th, 2009 under The Blog

Well the season of Reno 911! is in full effect! This season promises not to disappoint fans, however….people are asking “where are the other members of the force”? My missing comrades include Wendy McClendon Covey, (Clemmy), Carlos Alazraqui (Garcia), and Mary Birdsong (Kimble). I’m not sure why these officers died at the end of our fifth season but I do know that they are missed! We have had sooo much fun in the last five years!

I personally want to thank the fans for coming back for more - thank you!!

We have new guys on the force, Joe LoTruglio (Rizzo) and Ian Roberts (Sgt. Declan). These guys are fantastic! All of the other deputies survived and Raineesha is back in the booty! We are still unscripted, ridiculous, and inadequate at being cops so your support means more than you know!

I have to take a minute to give a shout out to REAL cops everywhere who protect and serve us all!!!
Rae Rae

Niecy Nash as Raineesha on Reno 911!

P.S.  We have wonderful guest stars this season!

Niecy Nash and Jonah Hill on Reno 911!

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