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Apr 3
Kids and the Recession
Posted by Niecy on April 3rd, 2009 under The Blog

My kids are crazy! Every last one of em’! I love them like nobody’s business but they definitely get on my nerves! We have been having fun during these tough economic times. On Monday night we had a talent show. If you are at my house when its talent show time , then you need to figure out your talent because you are going to perform! My mom and dad were over and so was my good friend Jill Scott, baby we got it in! My son and older daughter sang, the baby girl performed a magic act, Jill did a rap, my parents added their two cents and I gave the crowd some poetry. Of course we used a paper towel holder as a microphone! We had big fun and spent no money, honey. Sometimes without warning I will announce that we are having a pajama party. Everyone is given 20 minutes to get their pj’s on and gather around for a movie or board game. The kids love it! Its cheap, easy, and fun….I guess I love it too!!!

Niecy Nash and her kids

Feb 4
Coming Back to Clean House!
Posted by Niecy on February 4th, 2009 under The Blog

I need to address a burning question asked by so many “Miss Niecy, are you coming back to Clean House”? The short answer is “Yes I am!” As a matter of fact, I am already back. I have been filming for about two weeks now. The reason there are guest hosts on the show is because I had some other jobs to do. There were a few movies and a television project that I worked on and as they say in this business, “the show must go on”. Rest assured that I am sooo glad to be back. Thank you all for your love and support! It blesses me more than you know.


I wanted to come back to the show and visit some of your home towns, so we took Clean House on the road! So far, I have been to Fallbrook, CA and Hawaii. I leave for Baltimore and St. Louis tomorrow. Hopefully I will get to see most of you at the yard sale in your town! You can check for details. While I’m on the road, my go to guy, Matt Iseman will stay behind and be a part of a local version of the show and I will have a new handy man on the road. His name is Eugene Long, he is eye candy ladies!!! Please bear with me through this transition. It will be the show you have come to know and love, back to all the normal mayhem and foolishness very soon, I promise!

Miss Niecy


Oct 28
Celebrity Tragedy
Posted by Niecy on October 28th, 2008 under The Blog

I am grieving right now at the horrific events that have happened to the family of Jennifer Hudson. I know it is crazy, but so many people don’t realize that celebrities have the same type of experiences as everyone else. I know first hand because I am one of them. When I was 15 I saw my mother get shot. The day before my 23rd birthday, my only brother was murdered. He was only 17 years old. The kind of grief I suffered in my divorce… could not make better. I have been so far down that I could look up and see the bottom.

My prayers go out to the Hudson family. I don’t have to imagine what it feels like because I KNOW what it feels like. Sometimes the public makes an actor or singer larger than life, and then life reminds you to walk in the truth. The truth is that we are all the same. We suffer, we hurt, have heartache and heartbreak. As celebrities, a lot of this is played out in the public. Blogs go out about our fashion sense, who we’re dating, or why rehab didn’t work the first time. It is not an easy path to fortune and fame, and the fortune or the fame won’t allow you to be immune to life’s tragedies.

I am going to keep the Hudson family in my prayers. It’s not the type of thing that you ever get over, but God’s mercy will allow you to live with it.

God help us all,
Miss Niecy

Sep 29
Do Not Disturb – Canceled!
Posted by Niecy on September 29th, 2008 under Do Not Disturb

Hey everyone,

I hope you are doing well…. I wanted to update you on what has happened with the show. Do Not Disturb has been canceled, for a number of different reasons. One of the major contributing factors was our ratings. It is very difficult for the traditional sitcom theses days! With reality tv taking over so much programing, its a tough row to hoe. I hope I don’t have to move into a house and endure some crazy dating challenges to stay on network tv!!!

I want to thank those of you who tried to support this project, and those of you who had planned to support it but hadn’t gotten around to it, LOL it blesses me more than you know! I am disappointed but not devastated. Unfortunately its the nature of this business. I got the official news on Friday. God is kind because I was unemployed for about 10 minutes! I got a call right away from the folks at Reno 911! telling me they were picked to do a full season for Comedy Central, and asked if I was available!!!!!

For those of you who are Clean House fans, my new contract has been finalized and I will be back soon….I’m so grateful that I didn’t feel sad or lost in any of this, which I easily could have in my WHOLE 10 minute job search! One thing I know for sure is that God is not a liar and I believe everything He has revealed to me about this journey. For those of you who are along for the ride with me, it is indeed a journey of faith. It’s believing that when you step out into the darkness, there will be something solid for you to stand on….or you will be taught how to fly. I’m flyin yall. still flyin, and air up here is nice…..real nice.

Much Love,
Miss Niecy

Sep 12
Celebrate your accomplishments!
Posted by Niecy on September 12th, 2008 under Do Not Disturb, The Blog

I’m tired!!! I am a mother of three with a demanding career. Demanding.

It’s a good tired though because I am living my dream. I know so many people who don’t have the courage to live their dream. Weather its fear of success or fear of failure….it’s a hot mess! Fear causes you to be paralyzed, immobile, and rooted in wrong. If you find yourself in that place, do all you can to get out. You don’t have to eat a whole side of a cow to know that it’s beef. All it takes is a bite! Pray about it, talk about, write down the vision for your life and press toward the mark No Matter What! The right now of your life is a gift….that’s why its called the present. If fear is not your friend and you are walking out your goals, don’t forget to celebrate yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments. I’m preparing to have a party to celebrate Do Not Disturb. I’m the only African American woman who got a pilot picked up this season. I’m proud of that.

Even if my show gets canceled, I’m celebrating the fact that it was picked up! I’m celebrating the fact that I’m walking out my destiny one footstep at a time. Fearless. Strong. Happy. Not Perfect. Funny. Very Funny….Very Happy.

Get Into It!

Sep 10
“Do Not Disturb” Premiers Tonight on Fox
Posted by Niecy on September 10th, 2008 under Do Not Disturb

Although this is another test post, we’re excited for Niecy and her new show, “Do Not Disturb” premiering tonight on Fox.

Sep 8
New Site Almost Complete
Posted by Niecy on September 8th, 2008 under The Blog

Almost done with the new site. I hope you like it.

Niecy and friends

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